Cycle Calculator For Woman

Aplikasi buat memantau atau mencatat kapan menstruasi, masa subur dan hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan perempuan. Katanya sih gitu…soalnya ane gak bisa test. Hehehe….
Monggo disimak!!!
This easy-to-use program helps women keep track of menstrual and fertility cycles, but don’t expect to be wowed by its design. Cycle Calculator includes features that let you easily record menstruation dates and quickly view them in a graphical chart to best determine fertility dates. The color-coded calendar marks menstruation dates as red, fertile dates as light green, and ovulation dates as dark green. The additional Due Date Calculator is a helpful feature for women who want to carefully plan their pregnancy and delivery dates. Users can print the calendars or save the files in CSV and TXT formats. Overall, this free, simple program is useful for women who want to learn more about their fertility cycles and pregnancy planning. Publisher’s description From SoundTells: Cycle Calculator is a menstrual cycle calendar also known as fertility calendar. The software indicates days with increased probability of getting pregnant, makes predictions of upcoming dates and keeps records of previous cycles. Features: Easy- to-use calendar predicts ovulation date and dates with increased probability of pregnancy. Vacation planner-scroll to view future menstrual cycle dates. Due Date calculator-calculates the due date for the child conceived during current cycle. All cycle dates input into the calendar are available for review and editing. The calendar graphs your cycles duration over the last 12 months. The calendar calculates cycle duration statistics including average and standard deviation. Text Comments can also be typed in. You can save all data into a CSV file. Version 4.3 improved user interface.

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