Opmod 42B9 English Handler (java)

Opera mini modifikasi handler beta 9 English, yang suka koleksi opera, Opmod yang satu ini jangan sampai dilewatkan.
Cekidooot perubahan yang terjadi pada opmod beta 9. Silakan diartikan sendiri.

List of Changes [Added]

=> Adjustable font size in the field of direct input.
=> External fonts. Made as a replacement for one of the system (customizable). Uses 4 files: “F_b.ftb”, “F_r.ftb”, “F_b.png”, “F_r.png” of fonts. Fonts are read once (saving settings) from the file system and stored in the RMS, where subsequently loaded. Jackdaw “Reload” setting updates the fonts from the file system.
=> In the dialogue, added additional parameters removed. [Changed]
=> In the overlay window, the File Manager (file selection, folder) extended display thumbnails – if it can not create a thumbnail for an image or a different file, it uses the icon for the file type.
=> Tip of the register for direct type appears in the current language.
=> In the input search request name removed this search engine.
=> All the jackdaws and switches (with the exception of the “red” and the reference) are allocated to the width of the text.
=> overlay window can be closed with command.
=> In the screenshot, if the folder path is not set, then instead of reporting on this, it is proposed to choose the path. Removing an error message when you first install the way through the settings view. [Corrected]
=> From the display size in bytes (traffic, property file) removed the decimal fraction.
=> In the private tab does not open input directly into the address bar.
=> Error opening of the second page in the privacy tab if enabled auto-save session.
=> When you place the stylus on the absence of central command, it could drawn a blank rectangle. Please do not modify the About detail…

Bagaimana pendapat bro dan sis? Silakan dikomentari!

Good Luck!!!

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9 comments on “Opmod 42B9 English Handler (java)

  1. trik temuan baru master coderus dg memanfaatkan anti virus itu ya sob? anti vir yg jitu apa sob,maklum q symbianer baru,ok nice info pkokny n thanx’s berat langsung nguber dah,maju trus blogx za,,,,,

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